Help us reach our goal today by donating to make a difference in the life of a child? image

Help us reach our goal today by donating to make a difference in the life of a child?

Last chance for 2018...Can you be the one to get us over the line???

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While there is much to look back on fondly, we were met with challenges in 2018…

As many of you know, CAA Park was devastated with flooding on Memorial Day this past year. Then, throughout the rest of the spring, summer and fall, as Maryland saw historic and record rainfall, our fields were flooded again and again. We cannot express how heartbreaking it has been to have reschedule and cancel games. We exist so that kids can get out on the field and play, so this year has been incredibly difficult.

We have worked tirelessly to rebound from the impact of the flooding and have a plan in place to provide CAA families with the best natural field surfaces in the area this coming spring by increasing drainage infrastructure, installing an under-ground sprinkler system and replacing the field washout with new sod on Nicodemus Field and seeding on Field 2. These field renovations will allow us to not only provide a level of excellence for our current families, but also enable us to bring more families into the fold. All development which we consider is directly tied to what impact can be made in the lives of children and families. Your help will play a big role in these plans.

In addition to the growth of our programs in this past year, our goal has been to deepen connections within the community of Catonsville and the surrounding area through The Catonsville Chamber of Commerce and community events (both in support and hosting). It has been rewarding and encouraging to be able to share our mission with those we've met. And, we are confident that the coming year will yield additional relationships and opportunity.

In 2019, one of our main goals is to continue evaluating potential future development of CAA Park that could include things like: a town park, walking path, live music stage, a large playground, pavilions, turf fields and indoor space for programming. We want to better serve those already involved in CAA and be even more of an asset to the community of Catonsville. You can help these plans come to fruition and make an impact on our community by giving to CAA this year.

As a non-profit ministry, we are entirely supported by player fees, and gifts from generous friends like you. We receive no federal, state, or local government funding to pursue our mission. And, although you give to support our ministry, you may want to know that your gift is fully tax-deductible, as we are a 501c3 organization.

There may not be a more critical mission than that of CAA to enable families to live a better story with their lives. When families do this, they create a community that better supports the development of our young people which in turn impacts our schools, work places, our state and our country. When we view the world through God's eyes, we can recognize the role we are given to play and better the lives around us. Starting right here on our fields, we can truly change lives, our community and our world for the better!

You and those like you have played such an important role in this work already. I pray that you would continue and even increase your support this year. God bless you!

I'll leave you with these words:

"CAA is my home because I'm surrounded by people like me. Young people who are being coached to become the best versions of themselves." -Delaney Tacka (one of the thousands of young people who's lives have been forever impacted here at CAA)

PS. If you have questions or need any additional information about any of our work, please feel free to call me on my cell phone at: 443-547-0051, or send an email to

PPS. Donate TODAY to help us reach our goal before 2018 comes to an end! Your support enables us to carry on this important work and we cannot do it without you!